Votagon Empire

The Votagon Empire

The Votagon are a race of clones that were created by the Tekrun Empire to perfect their own self cloning technology. After the Tekruns were done with their “experiments” they basically abandoned the Votagon when they left normal space. The Votagon Empire is mostly a nomadic empire that claims about 1/4 of the Milky Way Galaxy to the east side of Sol. They have the second largest fleet of ships in the Milky Way Alliance next to the Tekrun Empire. Unlike the more Imperial races such as the Warcon, Tekrun and even Omicron Empires the Votagon do not seek to expand their space and generally coexist with the few races in their section of the galaxy such as the Crick and the Zanosians. They mostly only settle worlds that are uninhabited because their genetic makeup is capable of withstanding harsh climates without much worry. They are even capable of surviving a limited amount of time in a total vacuum.

The Votagon are a supporting member of the Milky Way Alliance but mostly conduct their own affairs. Votagon have the unique capability to download their consciousness to a new body if they happen to die at any point, making their army very hard to defeat in battle because they can always come back.

The Votagon fleet contains approximately 100 spatial divisions mostly consisting of small maneuverable but heavily armed attack craft. In the war of 2155 a blitzkrieg from General Theroine Raclosa left the Votagon Empire in ruins and destroyed half their fleet. With the help of the alliance they Votagon were able to recover quickly.

Empire Name: The Votagon Empire

Capital: Votagon, Until recently a nomadic race until many settled on planets across the galaxy

Total Population: 1.5 Trillion

Total Military: 30 Billion Commissioned Personnel

Total Fleet Size (ca 2157): 8,092,500 Combat Vessels (50 Spatial Divisions)

Starship Classes: <a href=”https://www.superwebcomics.com/the-shipyard/the-milky-way-galaxy-2/zobot-federation/”>Link</a>

Major Factions: Main Imperial Navy, Joval Chalak Faction




    Verkuck Class Fighter

  • Crew: 1
  • Date Commissioned: 1930 AD
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 50 Meters
    • Width: 35 Meters
    • Height: 22 Meters
    • Mass: 13,596 Metric Tons
  • Weapons
    • 1x Particle Beam Canon
  • Venuk Class Frigate

  • Crew: 21
  • Date Commissioned: 1955 AD
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 312 Meters
    • Width: 202 Meters
    • Height: 34 Meters
    • Mass: 756,728 Metric Tons
  • Weapons
    • 4x Pulse Cannons
    • 2x Torpedo Tubs
  • Nunatek Class Destroyer

  • Crew: 132
  • Date Commissioned: 1958 AD
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 583 Meters
    • Width: 372 Meters
    • Height: 63 Meters
    • Mass: 4,659,582 Metric Tons
  • Weapons
    • 1x Particle Beam Cannon
    • 2x Pulse Cannons
  • Tetnak Class Cruiser

  • Crew: 369
  • Date Commissioned: 2105 AD
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 1,661 Meters
    • Width: 1,331 Meters
    • Height: 167 Meters
    • Mass: 130,382,490 Metric Tons
  • Weapons
    • 2x Heavy Particle Beam Weapons
    • 6x Heavy Pulse Weapons
    • 8x AAA Linear Cannon Batteries
  • Nearnecka Class Battleship

  • Crew: 8,746
  • Date Commissioned: 2000 AD
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 3,864 Meters
    • Width: 3,105 Meters
    • Height: 729 Meters
    • Mass: 3,088,740,073 Metric Tons
  • Weapons
    • 2x Heavy Positron Beam Weapons
    • 10x Medium Particle Beam Weapons
    • 16x AAA Linear Cannons
  • Nirra Class Battleship

  • Crew: 7,766
  • Date Commissioned: 2146 AD
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6,934 Meters
    • Width: 4,938 Meters
    • Height: 1,134 Meters
    • Mass: 13,712,072,142 Metric Tons
  • Weapons
    • 4x Heavy Positron Beam Weapons
    • 20x Medium Particle Beam Weapons
    • 40x AAA Linear Cannons