Chapter 090 T Minus 0

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It is about to begin. The Warcon 45 Corps fleet of 175 million ships approaches the Milky Way Galaxy. The Alliance fleet of 63 million ships stands in its way. But Kate, Yurgi, Miguel and the rest of the fleet commanders are absent.

Chapter 092 The Battle of Battles Part 2

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The great battle continues, and the overwhelming numbers of the Warcon fleet are beginning to take their toll on the alliance fleet. It is becoming clear a miracle will be required to win.

Chapter 095 The March on Salis Dar Part 1

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The impossible has happened, the Warcon Empire’s greatest fleet has been defeated. The remnants of the Alliance fleet continue their advance toward the Warcon Homeworld to end the war once and for all.

Chapter 097 The March on Salis Dar Part 3

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The alliance continues its attack on the home system of the Warcon Empire, securing the capital and landing troops. Meanwhile, Dalzhi is in his bunker deep within the planet.

Chapter 099 The Finale

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After all the massive space battles and fighting, it comes down to 1 on 1 personal combat. Kate must use her full power against Emperor Dalzhi (who is her equal in power) before he unleashes a massive quantum explosion upon the fabric of space time.