Chapter 072 2 Million Light Years

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With the Warcon forces in the Milky Way defeated, and the wormhole cut off from the Andromeda galaxy the alliance has enjoyed 2 years of peace and prosperity. But Emperor Dalzhi is not finished yet. Now begins the buildup to a war of unimaginable scale.

Chapter 073 Stealing the Armageddon

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Janice Maty steals the Armageddon from the alliance in an attempt to track down Kate and Yurgi who she believes are lost somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. (Stealing the Armageddon is kind of a tip of the hat to Star Trek III:The Search for Spock where Kirk steals the Enterprise from spacedock)

Chapter 077 The Heiress to the Empire

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A shocking discovery is made: The Warcon fleet has stopped moving towards the Milky Way, why? Meanwhile Janice stumbles on the enemies capital in the Andromeda Galaxy

Chapter 079 Viva Le Veraca Brel

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Veraca Brel, commander of secondary fleet command has arrived at the Warcon Homeworld of Salis Dar. She promises to purge any traitors from the empire before beginning the journey to the Milky Way galaxy. Her first target is Tios III where Kate, Yurgi and the warcon resistance are hiding.

Chapter 080 Victory in the Milky Way Galaxy

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Emperor Dalzhi orders his lead scientist to develop a weapon based on fold technology. Kate, Yurgi, Janice and Joval return to the Milky Way only to find a fractured alliance, and a resurgent Warcon Andromeda fleet attempting to wipe out the Zobot fleet.

Chapter 081 …and they come Home

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The heroes come home, Kate makes a deal with President Gaulhuli regarding the Warcon Empire, and the alliance begins to build up for the inevitable final battle. Meanwhile Dalzhi tests his most terrifying weapon.