Chapter 059 The Siege of Sirius Part 2

The Warcons siege the alliance capital for the second day. May Skeena of the Tekruns contemplates defying her superiors and bringing her 2 divisions to help the alliance.

Chapter 060 The Seige of Sirius Part 3

The Siege of Sirius continues, now in its 2nd day of fighting and with the assistance of the Tekruns, the alliance has started to push the Warcon fleet back. Yurgi Krosa has a decision to make: Can he kill Kate, the woman he loves?

Chapter 063 The Siege of Sirius Part 6

The Warcons are driven back by the powerful Grimm armada, Kate proposes a new alliance that will unify all the races of the Milky Way against the Warcon Empire. The Tekruns however have other plans…